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This website is dedicated to every Boxer - past, present and future. To those Boxers who do agility or other sports, those who are couch potato's, those who provide their  humans with love and laughter, those who work for a living, those who are service dogs and especially those who need our help.

Please support Boxer Rescue in your country.

Amy Libbi Bella Libby
Agility is a great canine sport and Boxers just love participating.  It has been around now for over 20 years and these days it is becoming more and more popular as more people and their canine's get hooked on Agility.

The solution many of us have found to harness our Boxers working ability, love of live, exuberance and humour is to have a great time with Agility.  Boxers love to be fully involved in everything and what better way to keep physically and mentally fit than running and jumping with their owner by their side. A round of Agility is short, fast-paced, involves jumping (yippee!) and allows Boxers to really show off their natural ability.  They are truly 'agile' in every sense of the word.

Regardless of whether you just want to do Agility with your Boxer for a bit of fun or aspire to top level competition you are bound to have heaps of fun.  The best thing about this sport is that there is a place for everyone.





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