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Why Agility Boxer?

This website exists primarily for a bit of fun and to provide Boxer Agility people with an online resource.  Sometimes it can be a bit lonely when you are the only Boxer person showing in Agility (and it happens to most of us from time to time!).  Many Boxer Agility people around the world are often the only people in their training group, area, state or even country, to be out there proving that Boxers can cut it exceptionally well amongst the more popular agility breeds.Bella, the first AgilityBoxer cover girl, retrieving a dumbbell over the hight jump (not agility but a nice pic).

AgilityBoxer.Com started up in 1999 after a conversation at an agility show amongst a tiny handful of people and some online prompting (ok, it was 3 people with 5 Boxers - sum total of Boxer Agiliteers and support group in a State).  Once the initial few pages were up the site received wonderful support from the Boxer and Agility community world wide and we thank everyone who helped out.

The original website was rather small, two years later in 2001 the look changed as the site expanded.  For the past 16 months (up to September 2003) AgilityBoxer.Com has suffered 'site stall' with nothing being added or changed and for that we apologise sincerely, our only excuse is that 'life' gets in the way of 'non-essentials' at times and task of updating had to fall by the wayside.  We can now enjoy updating and upgrading this site again and hope that it's enjoyed by everyone who loves Boxers, or loves Agility, or loves dogs. May everyone have the pleasure of 'Bouncing with a Boxer'.

Screenshots of the evolution of AgilityBoxer.Com:

(very long page, could not get it all in a screenshot)




2003 and current


We hope you enjoy your visit's to this website.  Now, go and hug your Boxer(s) and those nearest and dearest to you :)  

Run Fast, Run Clean and most importantly Have Fun - it's a game!

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