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Tokalon Boxers


"Fuerstin ~ a very special lady"
by Debbie McAlpine

First weaving"My daughter Andrea's Boxer bitch "First" - Tokalon's Fuerstin, NA, CGC, TT - is special in many ways. She will be nine years old on May 28th. She is gray in the muzzle and coat. She is also blind in one eye since birth (born with detached retina and a cataract, so she has NO depth perception). None of this has stopped her. 

The girls - Andrea and First - started Agility training when First was seven years old. First completed her first Agility title - Novice Standard - with a perfect score of 100 on two of the legs, including "fastest time" on one of those perfect scores. Today she finished the third and final leg of Novice Jumpers With Weaves in Chattanooga..."

Six months later, it was my pleasure to announce that the gray-faced old lady had three additional titles to her name - 

Tokalon's Fuerstin, OA, OAJ, TT, CGC. 

Her final run at nine-and-a-half-years-old was clean, six seconds over, score of 88 and a fifth place finish. First was officially retired after earning her fourth title - the lack of depth perception never stopped her, but she just couldn't make the times necessary for Excellent.

First, a truly wonderful Boxer

Fuerstin passed quietly to the Rainbow Bridge in March, 2000. She was a class act - grace and dignity in everything she did. Were we honored- you betcha!

Debbie McAlpine (very proud breeder of BOTH these girls)
Tokalon Boxers

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