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"Grace's Agility Lesson"
by Betty Jeffers

My first boxer, Grace, has had some agility experience. I took her to obedience class so I could be taught (LOL) and at the end of the class the instructor said we were welcome to take our dogs through the obstacles. It took 5 minutes for Grace to learn them all (she especially seemed to enjoy the dogwalk). The instructor pronounced her a "natural" and invited me to bring her to the class in agility. 

The next week we went and as we stood waiting our turn I was watching a lady with this Dobie who was very much afraid of heights, he was "stuck" on the dog walk. She lifted him down and told Grace and I to go ahead. As Grace calmly walked up the ramp and across the beam she turned to her dog and said "why can't you do that?" what a hoot!!! 

Betty Jeffers

We don't have a photograph of Grace, but here is one of Hannah showing off her agility skills on a wall watched by her Mom and brother Joey.

Hannah is such a clever girl

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