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Justice Prevails
Justice, always loved by Tracy Mulrenan

Justice and Tracey

Justice was born on the 17th of December, 1998 (one of a litter of eleven). This boy loves agility ! He has the usual boxer comedian personality. Justice does get those boxer zoomies ( I think you all know the ones I am talking about ), which are becoming less frequent as he gets older. However, I do suspect he will ALWAYS sometimes feel... "the need for speed" ! 

Justice through the tunnel

The first agility competition for both of us was in September of 2000......he's been off and running ever since, having a blast no matter what the outcome..... so far he's competed in AKC, USDAA, NADAC, & CPE agility, we hope to try AAC soon as well. He also competes in AKC, & UKC obedience, he is learning to track, and is active in pet therapy. His best buddy is my 5 year old son, and he also resides w/ three other dogs, a Chihuahua, a Chinese Crested hairless, and a BC. Oh, and the occasional foster dog.....justice is the only doggie w/ bed privileges though ! He loves to sit in the sun spot during the day. His favorite game ?....hide-n-seek w/ my son AND playing tough guy w/ my husband! 

Justice over the AFrame

Tracy Mulrenan & Justice

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