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Libbi and Angus


by Lori Eustis

My white boxer, Libbi, (Brooktondale’s Give Me Liberty (ILP), CGC) was the first white or check boxer ever to compete in any event at the American Boxer Club Nationals in Frederick, Maryland in May of 1999.


Libbi came from a breeder in Upstate NY (who remain unmentioned – she still owes me my spay/neuter reimbursement), and is 4 years old. We have been doing agility since September of 1997, to no avail <grin>. She has competed in all three common styles – USDAA, NADAC, and AKC. Be advised that if you have a white boxer, you can get an ILP (Indefinite Listing Privilege) that allows you to compete in all AKC events other than conformation. Libbi has 20 points toward her Novice title in NADAC, but that is it. Such is life with a boxer. She can do Master’s level courses all day long, but give her a Novice course and she has way too much time to think and make up her own course <grin>! This is testified by her going through the u-shaped tunnel four (yes, that is 4) times in a row at ABC. Each time, the crowd cheer grew louder, and her smile got bigger!
On the AFrame
Anyway, my experience at ABC with my white boxers was nothing but positive. I can’t tell you how many compliments we got, and how many breeders came up, petted our guys, and told me (quietly) how they had “never put down the whites, but had always placed them in pet homes”. Now those of you who are not familiar with ABC’s policies, it wasn’t until 1993 that an ABC member could place their whites – they had to be euthanized. But ABC has changed their by-laws so whites can now be placed in pet homes on a spay/neuter reimbursement agreement. So having well-known breeders telling me that they never killed their whites, even at the risk of their ABC membership, was really nice to hear. The breeder of my other white, Angus, Cathy Sylvester of Triple Crown Boxers, came up and openly adored Angus as one of “hers”. I guess when your reputation can stand on its own, you don’t have to worry. I actually had one breeder come up to Angus and tell me flat out that if “he were colored, he would be finished [as a Champion]”. Nice to hear (especially when you think it yourself <grin>).

Well, there was quite a cheering section for all the boxers in agility, and some cheered a little louder for Libbi. There was quite a contingency from the Boxer Mailing List, as well as Boxer Friends, and the White Boxer Mailing List. While over email it is hard to know what people look like and to know them when you saw them, I must say that Libbi’s reputation preceded her. People immediately knew who we were and said hello!
Anyway, the standard agility was pretty much a blowout – all the treats from the puppy conformation class were in the ring. Not a single boxer qualified in standard, and I think only 3 did in jumpers with weaves. Libbi, as usual, made up her own course and had a *fabulous* time running it as fast as possible! She is amazing to watch. Now if I could only harness that energy for good and not evil <grin>………

Being 5 months pregnant at the time, we have not competed (or even practiced) since, but I am hoping to get back involved out here in CA. We’ll see what the future holds. I am proud to say that Libbi was the first white at ABC, and I hope this helped educate people that white boxers are happy, healthy, and act just like their fawn and brindle relatives. 

Education is the only cure for ignorance.



Lori Eustis    Visit Libbi and Angus

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