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"Monty's Big Day Out" ~ The Tale of a 'Tux Wonder Dog' 
by Monty (as dictated to Joanne Searle)

Me and Mum on the see-sawI knew mum was excited about something, you know these things when she gets a little stressed and us guys know to keep out of her way. I had had a bath and was all poofied up. She was packing the car and I knew I was in for a ride.

The next morning the music went on early, it was still dark, and mum was up rushing around getting our breakfast and then putting herself under the water in the little room. She said to me ‘Hey Monty – wanna go for a ride in the car – you gonna be a T.V. star’ Yeah, sounds good to me and I know that if I press my nose against the front door hard enough and stamp my feet, it mysteriously opens. ‘Yes’, it opened and mum and I were off.

It seemed we were going for ages, over the big hill, ohhh all those bendy bits make me feel a bit queasy, then the long straight bit, I can smell all the animals standing around on the big lawns eating the grass. M’mm I like going in the car.

We get to a place with horses and a big roundy bit for them to run on, in the middle. Mum stops the car and there are lots of other cars around and dogs too. We get out and Mum puts this stupid bit of material around my neck and says ‘Well boy, its time to work now’. We walk around a bit and I get comfy, then around a corner and Yay jumps, I see jumps, cool. We get to play around a bit on the jumps and stuff, then a man with a big plastic thing in front of his face starts yelling and, mum and I line up behind a lot of others all waiting their turn for the jumps.

Me doing the tyreFinally after waiting ages, we get our turn. A man puts a funny little black thing on mum so that they can hear if she swears at me. They make a loud noise and mum says ‘Monty lets go’. We take off, there are lots of men standing around on MY COURSE with black boxes in front of their faces ‘stupid ehh’ pointing them at me, I go over a jump then along a dog walk around to some more jumps then a tunnel, swinging plank, weave then up on these big box things. ‘Walk on Monty’ says mum I go over the A-frame, through a tyre, then up a ramp and Oh no, mum tricked me she wants ME to go in THAT water, ‘Come on Monty’ shouts mum, Oh …….O.K…….I Suppose……..If I really have to…… I slowly go into the water (I AM NOT A WATER DOG), then out the other side, I shake and all the school kids sitting at the ring side squeal when I shower them with water te he. We go over a couple more jumps, then the cross over, a brush jump then finally the last jump. ‘Good Boy Monty’ my favourite words, mum gives me a pat, then we go off to meet the other members of our team, who are waiting for us. I get past from so many people, I’m sure they are wearing a bald patch on my head. We go back to the car and I get a cold drink of water, I always try to see how much I can share with everyone else when I drink, but I never get any thanks for it. Hrumph.

We hang around with the others for a while, mum has a snack and as usual she can’t resist my brown eyes and I manage to cadge a few crumbs from her. She talks to her friends for a while then she packs up and we go home over the hill again with all the big corners.

The other dogs were so glad to see me and I show of. Look at me, I’m a T.V. star, they took my picture and I look so handsome with my blue scarf on.

Post Script. Monty won his event, but unfortunately our team didn’t make it through to the finals, but we sure had great fun trying.

The Tux Team

The Tux Team - Left to Right
Chat owned by Sheila Robinson, Monty owned by Jo Searle & Fred owned by Daniela Rosenstreich.

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