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Why Do Agility with your Boxer?

Agility is Fun!
It will provide your Boxer with mental stimulation.
It will provide your Boxer with a great outlet for that energy.
It's a great way for you both to exercise.
You will meet some wonderful people.
You will learn the real meaning of 'Gamble'.
Agility is Fun!
Like to travel?  Dogs are always welcome at Agility Competitions.
It will help build a great bond with your Boxer.
Get to spend hours in conversation about the best way to prepare raw liver.
It provides great socialisation for you and your Boxer.
Forget line dancing - take part in the 'Walk the Course' Dance.
Did we mention it was fun?
It gives you the perfect excuse to turn your yard, house, apartment or whatever into a canine playground and learn carpentry skills at the same time.
No matter what your aim, there is a place for you in Agility.
And you will have FUN, FUN and more FUN.

The following extract from the 'Standard' explains why Boxers around the world can make wonderful Agility dogs (no matter what Boxer Standard you read you will find the below or a variation thereof):

"The Boxer is a medium sized, sturdy, smooth haired dog of short square figure and strong limb. The musculation is clean and powerfully developed and should stand out plastically from under the skin. As a service and guard dog he must combine a considerable degree of elegance with the substance and power essential to his duties; those of an enduring escort whether with horse, bicycle or carriage and as a splendid jumper. Only a body whose individual limbs are built to withstand the most strenuous "mechanical" effort and assembled as a complete and harmonious whole, can respond to such demands." 

Vanessa with Ianka performing for a large crowd in Brazil

The solution many of us have found to harness our Boxers working ability is to have a great time with Agility. All Boxers like to do things with and for you. Boxers love Agility as it is short, fast-paced, involves jumping and lets them use their natural exuberance in a 'team' sport. You can communicate with your Boxer verbally and by using body language when trialling in Agility - great fun for all.

Agility is not something you can start seriously with a young puppy, instead use the first 12 or so months with your dog to teach basic skills like the recall and self control (using motivational methods of course - but remember, in the words of Susan Garratt 'Positive is not Permissive'), and to develop good communication with your Boxer.  Agility competition is only open to older dogs (from 12 to 18 or so months depending on the 'variety' of competition, all organisations have slightly different rules and age limits).

There are many skills and activities that you can do with a pup to introduce them to agility, and some clubs now offer puppy agility classes, great fun for you and your Boxer puppy. If you have an older dog you can use Agility to strengthen the bond between you. Remember that Agility is quite strenuous so before getting too serious, make sure that your Boxer is the correct weight and in good physical condition.

Interested in learning more about Dog Agility?  Visit our 'About Agility' page. 

Amy competing in the Grand Prix in Australia

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