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We would love to include your Boxer agility article or story here.  If you have a 'fun' training moment to share, or a training problem solved, or want to brag or tell us about your Boxer we'd be delighted to hear from you.

If you are just starting out in Agility or a seasoned campainger, people would love to read about how you are doing so don't be shy.

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"It's a long way to the top"

If you are a Boxer Agility person, Agility person, Boxer person or someone who just enjoys reading about how wonderful dogs are you are bound to enjoy these articles.  Get ready to laugh, empathise, run the course, feel the excitement and shed a tear or two.

Waiting for "GO!"

Never thought it would be possible...  Tegan made her agility debut at the age of 7, coming back from a crippling injury!  Kysha shares Tegan's inspiring journey back to health and back to agility. 

Emmy’s MACH Run by Ileana Nadal  Emmy finished her MACH at the Miami Obedience Training Club trial on August 2001 - Ileana shares this wonderful achievement with us. Emmy is the first Boxer in the USA to become a triple Agility Champion.

Agility and especially Boxer Agility in Finland  by Riitta Laitinen and her Boxer Melli.  Riita introduces us to Agility in Scandinavia - spare a thought for this team during Winter in Finland.

And No One Got Hurt by Diane Linthicum  Rocky's first Agility trial.  Those of us running Boxer boys can sure appreciate Diane's narrative.

"Monty's Big Day Out" ~ by Monty  The Tale of a 'Tux Wonder Dog' (as dictated to Joanne Searle by her her Boxer Monty). Monty the Boxer TV Star promotes agility Boxer style.

"Libbi" ~ by Lori Eustis  The first white boxer in history to compete in any event at the US Boxer Nationals, Lori shares Libbi's story and proves that white Boxers are just the same as their fawn and brindle relatives.

Our First Trial by Janey Wilcox  Janey shares how her beloved Boxer earned the nickname "Wild Wally".  What a great boy! :)

"Grace's Agility Lesson" by Betty Jeffers  Very Cute Story - Grace is a natural for Agility

"Fuerstin" ~ by Debbie McAlpine  A accolade to a wonderful Boxer Tokalon's Fuerstin OA OAJ TT CGC.  A true Lady.

"No Cigar" ~ by Dawn Ward  Julia's ABC Agility Experience - No Cigar this time but better things were ahead for the delightful Julia :)
"Justice Prevails" ~ by Tracy Mulrenan  Justice, a handsome and multi-skilled White Boxer.  Agility Dog, Therapy Dog, Obedience Dog and beloved family member.

Tribute To A Boxer Great by Mike & Claudia Clifton  Vale Libby, a tribute to one of the 'greats' by her much loved family.  Mike and Claudia say farewell to an all round champion.

ABC 2000 Agility by Mike Clifton  Semper Fi Boxers had a great time!

"Suzie's Story" ~ by John Thorogood  From a very Wild Child to Top Agility Dog, John pays homage to the unforgettable Suzie.

"Puppy Pre-School" by John Thorogood  What do they Do for You and Your Dog? John and his Boxer pup Shelly road test pre-school.

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