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Build your own Agility Equipment

Agility Addicts live here

As Agility Addiction takes hold of you and your Boxer, you may be overcome with the urge to get some agility equipment for home.  Resistance is useless.  In time your backyard, home, apartment or flat is going to resemble the worlds best playground for dogs.  You can purchase agility gear, but you can not really count yourself a true agility person until you have made at least one piece of equipment or part thereof. Even those of us who are all thumbs with no technical knowledge whatsoever can manage to build something - PVC is our friend :)  The links below provide heaps of info, plans and ideas for building your own obstacles.

  Do it Yourself Links
 Build it Yourself Equipment  Equipment Building at Dog Play
 Build your own Equipment (Jumps)  Build your own Equipment (Contacts)
 Build your own Equipment (Misc)  Homebuilt Agility Equipment
 Free Equipment Plans  Agility Obstacle Construction
 Semper Fi's AFrame  Semper Fi's Agility Jump
 Build a Practice Jump  Weave Pole Plan & Pics
 Make a Jump Cup  Baxter Agility Building
 Alternative Agility  Home Agility Equipment
 Homemade Agility Equipment  PVC Jumps
 Homemade Weave Wires  Weave Pole Construction
 Build it Yourself Jump & Weaves  Agility Equipment Email List
 Adjustable Contact Trainer Buja Board
There are many people selling good Agility Equipment - far too many to list.  If you go to Google and do a search on agility equipment and again agility equipment plans, lots of websites will come up.  You should find someone who has the equipment or plans you are looking for.  There are also books available about building agility equipment, and the rule books for many agility organizations contain equipment specifications and plans.

Libby, Amy, Julia - all playing agility at home.

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