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Are you just about to start Agility with your Boxer?  Have you been competing for years?  In either case, it's important to keep in mind that your Boxer is just not an ordinary dog, what you have is a true canine athlete.  It's your job to keep your Boxer in great working condition.

Take a look at human sportspersons and athletes.  They have an entire support team of people who's job is to keep the athlete in top condition - physio's, doctors, dieticians, coaches .. the list is endless. In Agility, it's our Boxers who is doing the running, jumping, weaving and turning, so we owe it to him or her to make sure they are in prime condition for what can be a strenuous sport. Not convinced?  Take a look at this excellent site regarding Loads in Agility (you will need to click on the links on the left to view the pages in English).

Many Agility handlers are very fit, but there are also many who are not.  That's fine for humans and those of us who are not as fit as we could be (or who have health issues) can still take part in this sport and achieve.  For our dogs it's different - they DO need to be in top condition and it's only fair on them that we do our utmost to treat them as any human athlete would be treated.

Something that is sometimes overlooked in agility is the warming up and cooling down of our dogs (and ourselves).  Your Boxer does need to be warmed up before a run, or before class, or after any period or rest.  They also need to be cooled down after a run.  There is no reason for your Boxer not to have a long agility career, provided all things are well health wise, and many Boxers are still playing Agility at 9, 10, 11..  Take a look around the health and diet pages here.  All information and links are provided to give you ideas on how to best look after your canine athlete.

Canine Feeding  |  Canine Conditioning  |  Canine & Boxer Health

Bella - Boxers are the ultimate canine athletes

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