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Inge's Nika in Holland Agility Boxers on the WWW

Below are links to Boxer websites with Agility content, we hope you enjoy surfing around and meeting all the wonderful, talented Boxers across the world.  The sites are listed by region and then ordered in no particular order :) The normal 'inclusion does not equal endorsement' applies.  If you have a Boxer website with Agility content, or a website with Boxer Agility content, send an and we would be happy to add your link here.


Mailing List Australia and New Zealand
AgileBoxers Email List Krikkit Boxers (Qld Au)
Kinbra Boxers (NZ)
North America Qld Boxer Club (Au)
Sunchase Boxers (USA) Apex Boxers (NZ)
Semper Fi Boxers (USA) Tyeanbo Boxers (Vic Au)
RedDawn Boxers (USA) Marimat Boxers (NSW Au)
Cool Critters (USA) Wellington & Districts Boxer Club (NZ)
Karosel Boxers (USA) Imoen Boxers (ACT Au)
Tekoneva Boxers (USA)  Bocsavil Boxers (NSW Au)
Tokalon Boxers (USA)
Crystal (USA) Europe
Boxer Club of Canada (Can) Jipotima Boxers
Libbi and Angus (USA) Nika
Skye and Jasmine's Agility page (USA) Boxerland
USA Box De officiŽle NBC website - Agility
Ravenwd Kennel (Can) FCI
Sky-high Boxers (USA) Agility Filos Belgium
Dezi's page (USA) Agility KutnŠ Hora
American Boxer Club (USA)
Boxer Underground (USA) Global
Throw Me A Bone (great leads & tuggers!) The Worldwide Boxer
Agility Organisations Worldwide


Gretta in action ~ loved by Debra Owens (USA)

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