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Jump Training

Boxers can jump! Not many Boxer owners would argue with that, in fact, we seem to spend a lot of time teaching them NOT to jump.  Now, while our Boxers may love jumping and hurling themselves into the air with joyous abandon, they still need to be taught how to jump effectively for agility.  A dog that can jump properly, time his or her take offs and landings, that has good rear end awareness, is going to happier, safer and self-assured when on the agility course.

Agility jumps come in all different styles.  Some have wings, some don't, there are spread jumps and long jumps, wall jumps and jumps of all different makes.  If you want to compete in agility your Boxer will need to become accustomed to the huge variety of jumps that are around.  If you take things steadily and develop his or her jumping confidence then your Boxer will be able to tackle any jump with assurance.

Avra from Greece (loved by Sophia) learning to jumpWe can learn a great deal from horse people about teaching our dogs to jump.  Often people who have horses as well as agility dogs have the better jumping dogs at competitions. They have done the work already with their horses and applied the same principles when training their dogs.  Don't underestimate the use of Cavalettis and Jumping Grinds.  These are excellent tools for teaching your Boxer to jump effectively in agility. Cavaletti's are especially easy to set up at home and will cost very little, all you need is some narrow pvc pipe and a few squashed drink cans.  You can even do away with the drink cans and just put the poles on the ground for a while.

Good training groups teach jumping in their classes so you should get great help in teaching your Boxer to jump for agility.  Just a word of caution - don't jump a young Boxer too high while he or she is still growing - it's hard on young joints.  Even if your pup bounces into the air (and maybe off the walls) when playing, keep in mind that agility jumping is a bit different to play and quite strenuous.  This article on Jumping Loads, taking off and landing is worth reading before you get carried away with the height your young Boxer jumps.  When your Boxer is older and jumping full height, it's good practice to vary the heights constantly in training and keep on with jumping grid work.  As your Boxer gains experience and confidence you can alter the grids to suit his or her level of ability.

Heights Boxers have to jump vary depending on agility organisation or country.

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